Frequently Asked Questions

Does TheBugTrack support more than one project?

Yes, TheBugTrack supports multiple projects. Please click "Administration" link on top right corner. New project can be created on the first tab of administration page.

What's the difference between "New" and "Assigned" state?

Fixer is considered as "owner" of a bug. "Assigned" state means fixer is filled in, in other words, it has an owner now. When submitting a bug, if fixer is not filled, the bug will be in "New" state; where as if fixer is filled, the bug will be in "Assigned" state.

Is there a way to see all information related to a bug in one single page?

Yes, in bug's detail tab view, please click "Overview" link on the top right corner next to "Refresh" link.

Where can I find your billing policy?

Please see detail pricing and billing policy here.

How much space do we have to upload issue and attachments?

TheBugTrack allows maximum 10 attachment files per bug, each attachment is maximum 1 MB size. They are stored by TheBugTrack service.

Is it possible to extract the data out?

Yes, TheBugTrack supports exporting bug data in .csv format. At bug list view, please click "Export" link on the caption bar to export your bug data. You can choose either export bugs with fields displayed in table view or with all the fields.

What if I find a problem regarding TheBugTrack service?

Please send an email to We will do our best to serve you!

What if I have a feature request of TheBugTrack service?

We'd love hear from you! Please send an email to or

What if I have a billing related question?

Please send an email to

Does TheBugTrack support secure http connection?

Yes, TheBugTrack supports secure http connection. Please use

Can I import my existing bugs(tasks) to TheBugTrack?

Yes, we will be glad to help you importing your existing bugs to TheBugTrack. Please contact for details.