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TheBugTrack Successful Stories

  • Effective issue management system

    We are a small company and have been using Bugtrack for a while in various projects and found it very effective and adaptable to our needs. The support is the most responsive I've ever worked with and we've got several suggestions implemented already. It is a straight forward, easy-to-learn/understand user interface which even our senior part of the company can work with. If you are looking for an issue management system which seamlessly integrates into your Google Apps domain, I can nothing but recommend BugTrack.

    - Herman Jonsson, RiPASSO ENERGY AB

  • Simple and does its job perfectly!

    The simplest and most effective bug tracker I've ever used. Setting up a project and users were a no-brainer and I didn't have to read a single line of documentation. Similarly, using the TheBugTrack is very intuitive. I would recommend TheBugTrack to anyone looking for a easy-to-use issues tracking system.

    - Peter Kua, MobileApps.com